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After years of working in Marketing & Events, I took time off to raise kids in Montclair, New Jersey. I then spent a number of years in Santa Monica CA near the beach. Over the years people have asked me to design their homes and many have commented about my amazing color choices. I have decided to pursue design as a career and share my passion and knowledge. My goal is to bring color and texture into your home and help to revive and refresh your space. I strive to create spaces that emphasize function and beauty.

It’s time to fall in love with your home again!


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Be Good Designs provides one on one support beginning with a 1:1 video consultation to discuss your design styles and needs for your space. No matter what sort of project you have in mind, Be Good Designs can help. Our services are not about changing your design style, but about helping you discover the potential of your spaces and get you excited about coming home everyday.  Book a preliminary consultation today!


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Tel: 973-699-0404

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